Sign Party FAQ

About Our Paint Parties

What is a paint party? Our paint parties consist of wood and stencils - and you have the option of many choices instead of just one! You don't need much in the way of artistic ability to come to one of our classes - our signs are more about technique!

What is the cost to drop in and paint? We have our tables set up at all times, anytime we're open you're welcome to drop in and paint! The cost to make a 12x12 sign is $35.00.

How do your parties work? If you are hosting either at our location or yours,, you'll set up a Facebook event (you'll have a better response if it's in your name) & add me (Angie Hanawalt) as a co-host. We have lots of different designs to choose from, we can give your guests some options or they can choose something they've found. We do pallets & solid wood, our regular size is a solid 12x12 board, for $35. Pallets range in size from 12x12 for $35 to 18x18 for $45. If you'd like a different size board, send us an email at for a quote. We will add your selection to the ticket URL. We don't actually use pallet wood, we use new wood & make them into pallet type signs. There are too many variables as to what types of chemicals are used on pallets and we aren't trying to make anyone or ourselves sick from sanding and long-term exposure. The ticket URL will be set up & will be added to the Facebook event. You can see samples under "shop" and "sign classes".  We usually have a cut-off date for guests to sign up 3-5 days before the event. This time is very important for us to have adequate time to prep boards and materials. The host is required to put down a deposit of $35, this reserves your spot and will be refunded given your party meets the 6 guest requirement.

Do you travel? YES! We do travel, we will travel up to 60 miles one way. If you live more than 20 miles from Hudson, please call at least 3 weeks before you'd like to book your party. 

Do you allow alcoholic beverages? We allow you to bring WINE and BEER ONLY. Everything you bring in, you must take with you including empty bottles/cans. We do not supply glasses.

Do you require a minimum amount of guests? We ask that you have at least 3, six if we are traveling to you.

Do you do kids parties? Yes we do. This is something we are still working on. Right now, we offer 6"x12" signs for $10 each. We can accommodate approximately 8 children at a time at our store. A waiver is required in case of broken or damaged merchandise.
If you choose to have a kids party at your location, the signs remain the same price and an optional instructor will be supplied for an additional $35 within 20 miles and $50 within 60 miles.

Are there host benefits? Most definitely! If you host a party and have 6 or more guests, your sign is FREE (up to $35). For any of your guests who book off of your party, you will get 1/2 off your sign when you attend their party (up to $17.50).

Do I have to paint my sign the colors in the sample? Absolutely NOT! We have many different colors for you to choose from, we are here for guidance but the final color decisions are yours!

What if I prepaid for my sign but I cannot make it to the party, can I get a refund? Unfortunately, we do not give refunds less than 24 hours before the party. We will give you your payment less $10 up to 48 hours before your scheduled party. No refunds 24 hours or less before the party. However, you can call and make arrangements with us to come in and make your sign at a later date.

Do you offer take home kits? Yes we do! For $25, you'll get a 12x12 board, stencil of your choice, one foam paint brush and "spouncers."

Do you offer fundraisers? Yes we do! We try to keep these to one per month, please call 517.306.7992, email us or send us a message on Facebook.

How do I sign up? Please call 517.306.6021, email us or send us a message on Facebook!