Valerian Tincture 2 oz

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This Valerian Tincture was made with dried valerian macerated in 80 proof vodka from Apr - Aug 2020 using the folk method.

This valerian tincture was used using dry herbs.

About 30 - 60 doses in the bottle.

Warning: Not recommenced for use during pregnancy & while breast feeding, operating heavy machinery, and/or while on sedatives.

Some possible benefits of valerian that have been reported by users include:

  • falling asleep faster
  • better sleep quality
  • relief from restlessness and other anxiety disorder symptoms
  • no “hangover effect” in the morning. 

Please do your own research regarding herbs.

We do not make any medical claims regarding this product. You may message us if you have any questions. 

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Per the FDA, we are not authorized to diagnose, cure, prevent, or treat any diseases nor do we claim that our products will do so.